About Bredon

Welcome From the Headmaster

Welcome to Bredon’s website which I believe represents something unique. I hope it will capture your imagination and leave you feeling that you have caught a glimpse of a school that can offer all its students outstanding opportunities.

Bredon is often described as a family community and it is perhaps this sense of belonging, our motto of ‘come alive and thrive’ is something of real significance, which gives it a special distinctive character.

Bredon is recognised simply as a leader in its field, rightly renowned for its ability to bring the best out of all, the accomplishments of its students as individuals, its boarding ethos and unusually broad range of students. These, of course, are all fine commendations but the enduring uniqueness of Bredon is to promote and ensure the development of every student to prepare for the place of work or further study for the twenty-first century – and it provides a curriculum that ensures that this actually happens.

The evidence for success is clear. You will find members of Bredon ten years after they have left are invariably happy, successful and receptive to others and other communities. This is an education that caters for all types; treats them as individuals and considers what they can do for the community as well as what they may need from it. We have a real sense of belonging about what we do and being part of that for both students, teachers and parents, is as exhilarating as it is rewarding.

We are proud to claim to be one of the most diverse independent Schools in the UK, students classroom environments are inspirational from the working farm to the Forest School, on the river Severn along the school boundary and within the 85 acres of beautiful school grounds. We therefore provide an educational learning style in a truly inspirational environment that I firmly believe as Headmaster is genuinely different from most other schools.

I hope you will take the time to view our website where you will find a wealth of information about our school for both boarders and day students at the various age groups and hope it will inspire you to visit us.

David Ward MA

To contact the Headmaster please speak to his secretary, Sheila Denman, in the first instance, on 01684 857488.