Bredon offers a secure, friendly environment from Key Stage 1, all the way through to the Sixth Form.

Curricular and extra curricular focus

We provide a full curriculum of both academic and vocational subjects at GCSE and Advanced level. Yet we fully understand that the way in which each child develops in those subjects is different. Some may learn best in a classroom setting, others will learn through exploration; still others will gain tremendously from the performing arts or from their growing sporting prowess.


The following pages will give you a flavour of the different parts of the school, their character and feel, as well as the subject areas.

Learning support

Bredon has a long standing reputation for its special educational needs provision and each child is offered the necessary support and teaching to enable them to make progress.


 2015 Exam results headlines

  • The overall A level pass rate was 89.5%, with 10.5% of students gaining an A*- B grade.
  • 100% of A Level Photography students achieved A-B grades, and in German and Art & Design, 100% of students receiving their AS qualifications secured A-B grades.
  • 100% of students achieved a pass in BTEC (Levels 1 & 2) qualifications for Countryside & Environment and also in Engineering.
  • In the OCR National qualifications for ICT and Business Studies, Bredon students achieved a 100% pass rate.
  • For students taking GCSE qualifications, 62.4% achieved grades A*-C.

2014 exam results headlines

  • 100% pass rate for students taking A Level / Level 3 qualifications (grades A*-E).
  • 61% of students at A Level/Level 3 achieved a grade A*-B.
  • 100% of students receiving OCR Sport and ICT qualifications, at Level 3, achieve grades A*-B.
  • 100% pass rate for BTEC (Levels 1 & 2) qualifications for Countryside & Environment and Engineering, and in ICT and Business for OCR Nationals.
  • For students taking GCSE qualifications, 46.6% achieved grades A*-C.