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Upper School

The Upper School consists of Year 10 and Year 11. Entry into Years 10 and 11 is possible, but will depend entirely on our ability to match courses/options already started.


Mr Nathan Monk BA (Hons) PGCE, Pastoral Upper School Leader & Geography teacher.











We are pleased to cater for an unusually wide range of subject choices, both vocational and academic.

Key stage 4 pupils are also offered agricultural options including animal and crop husbandry, horticulture, livestock production and animal welfare, and workshop-based skills such as welding, and vehicle and machinery maintenance. Pupils prepare the animals to show at major agricultural events. Upper School students also make up the School Council, which enables them to collectively assume responsibility for their fellow pupils and propose positive changes within the School.

Throughout the School pastoral support is strong. In Lower and Upper School close guidance is provided by designated curriculum advisors and students’ timetables are flexible to include the subjects that best suit their strengths.

Mock exams are taken rather early on in Year 11 in real exam conditions to ensure that students have all necessary provisions in place for their real exams.

Read the KS4 GCSE (and equivalent) Options Booklet (pdf) to see what subjects and courses are available in the Upper School.

“Bredon School is outstanding in its provision, understanding and support for all its students – those with and those without specific barriers to learning.”


Upper School is not just about exams and academic qualifications. In Year 10 we have increasing numbers of students doing Bronze DofE (Duke of Edinburgh Award) and continuing onto Silver the following year. The School has its own canoe launch on the River Severn and it is from here that students often practice their canoeing and kayaking skills for the awards.

‘The benefits of an active education suit so many children.

At Bredon every success is celebrated. A grade D for one child is as incredible as an A* for another. The standard of education is excellent and there for all levels of ability.’ – Parent (Good Schools Guide)

Work Experience

Bredon School was winner of the ISA Senior School Award for Academic Excellence and Innovation, in recognition of it’s unique and extensive work experience program. Before going on a week long placement with a local business, students undertake careers meetings, interview preparation and are taught how to make presentations to an interview panel. This is all in preparation for the year long placement that they undertake, one day a week, during the Sixth Form.

Studying for Sixth Form

When pupils reach Year 11, they will begin to think about what subjects they would like to study at A Level (or equivalent). Each year, an options booklet is sent out to parents outlining which subjects are available to choose from along with a description of the syllabus. There is also a Sixth Form options evening for Year 11 students and their parents, where advice and support is provided by teachers on ensuring the correct choices can be made to match each student’s strengths.

At this stage, there is an increased range of subjects to choose from. Bredon has a particular strength for delivering high quality and well resourced vocational qualifications.

Read the Sixth Form Options Booklet for courses running from Sept 2019.

“I loved going to this School. I achieved so much. The staff are amazing. I was given the opportunity to learn so much inside and outside the classroom.” – Past student.

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