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Upper School

The Upper School runs from Year 7 to Year 11. We are happy to accept new students into Years 7–9 at any time in the academic year. Entry into Years 10 and 11 is possible, but will depend entirely on our ability to match courses/options already started.

Wide-ranging curriculum

We are pleased to cater for an unusually wide range of subject choices, both vocational and academic, with English, Maths and Science being the core academic subjects.

Students also undertake lessons in Geography, History, Spanish, Art, Music, Technology including Cookery, Metalwork and Woodwork, ICT, Religious Studies, Sport and drama.

Time is also set aside in the timetable to allow students to participate in lessons on the School Farm, to take part in outdoor education challenges, to represent the school in competitive sporting fixtures and to learn new skills and practice hobbies through the regular Wednesday afternoon activity sessions.

“Bredon School is outstanding in its provision, understanding and support for all its students – those with and those without specific barriers to learning.”


Activities vary from term to term, but there are sporting opportunities including air rifle and clay pigeon shooting, cycling, canoeing and climbing options, as well as creative choices such as cookery, arts and crafts, music club and film club, to more unusual options such as magic club, a tractor renovation group and fencing.

Studying for GCSE

When pupils reach Year 9, they will begin to think about what subjects they would like to study at GCSE (or equivalent). Each year, an options booklet is sent out to parents outlining which subjects are available to choose from along with a description of the syllabus.

At this stage, there is an increased range of subjects to choose from. Bredon has a particular strength for delivering high quality and well resourced vocational qualifications.

Read the Year 10 / KS4 Options booklet here. For courses running from Sept 2017.

“I loved going to this School. I achieved so much. The staff are amazing. I was given the opportunity to learn so much inside and outside the classroom.” Past student.

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