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Lower School

The Lower School runs from Year 7 to Year 9.


Mr Keyte
Pastoral Lower School Leader


Wide-ranging curriculum

The curriculum at Bredon School for Years 7, 8 and 9 is wide and diverse. These are the three years that students really get to experiment with what subjects appeal to them. Due to the curricular diversity the timetables often feature Outdoor Education, Sport, Woodwork, Engineering as well as core subjects.

Time is also set aside in the timetable to allow students to participate in lessons on the School Farm, to take part in outdoor education challenges, to represent the School in competitive sporting fixtures and to learn new skills and practice hobbies through the regular Wednesday afternoon activity sessions.

To see what a typical week involves for a Year 8 student see the Example Timetable Year 8 (pdf)

‘The curriculum is very cleverly altered to take account of the children’s challenges, and the whole school celebrates difference and encourages the children to play to their strengths,’ Parent. (Good School’s Guide)


Activities vary from term to term, but there are sporting opportunities including air rifle and clay pigeon shooting, cycling, canoeing and climbing options, as well as creative choices such as cookery, arts and crafts, music club and film club, to more unusual options such as magic club, a tractor renovation group and fencing.

Recent adventures for Lower School have included cross curricular trips for Geography, History and Science to Sorrento and Snowdonia  where a range of natural and man made sites were studied and enjoyed.

Studying rock and soil types
Enjoying the culture in Naples

Outdoor Education in Lower School

The Outdoor Education is part of the syllabus. For many students who arrive at Bredon School, struggling in their previous educational environment has had a negative impact on their self-esteem. In Years 7, 8 and 9 students partake in Outdoor Ed, including a week long excursion, once a year, and before long find that they are developing all of their ‘soft-skill’ muscles – like leadership skills, directional thinking and compassion for themselves and their peers. It is this new found confidence that students take back into the classroom and apply to their learning. We see wonderful results.

Orienteering the Malvern Hills.
A mutually supportive task
Overcoming fears

Studying for GCSEs and equivalent

When pupils reach Year 9, they will begin to think about what subjects they would like to study at GCSE level (or equivalent). Each year, an options booklet is sent out to parents outlining which subjects are available to choose from along with a description of the syllabus. Students in Year 9 and their parents, are invited to a Year 9 Options Evening, where there is information on all the subjects available for GCSE and equivalent. Subject teachers are on hand to answer any questions and help to make those decisions easier for students.

At this stage, there is an increased range of subjects to choose from. Bredon has a particular strength for delivering high quality and well resourced vocational qualifications.

Read the KS4 GCSE (and equivalent) Options Booklet (pdf) to see the subjects and courses available in the Upper School.

“I loved going to this School. I achieved so much. The staff are amazing. I was given the opportunity to learn so much inside and outside the classroom.” – Past student.

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