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Speech & Language Therapy

The Speech and Language Therapy is provided by Worcestershire’s Children’s Speech & Language Therapy Services.


They work with children and young people who have:


  • Difficulties understanding what is said; for example following instructions or inferring underlying meaning;
  • Limited use of words and sentences and/or difficulties with word order or syntax;
  • Specific difficulties in organising their ideas to be precise and concise;
  • Difficulties storing, accessing and utilising appropriate vocabulary;
  • Difficulties with social skills including non verbal communication skills, making and keeping friends and understanding the perspective of others;
  • A stammer or voice disorder;
  • Unclear speech and/or difficulties in pronouncing certain sounds.

How therapy might help

For some children advice and support to carers/teaching staff is the most appropriate form of intervention.

For some children their needs are such that direct therapy will be more likely to help them progress, accompanied by integrated support at home/school.

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