Cisco IT Essentials & CompTia A+ courses

These are industry certifications at Level 2. You will learn about computer components, how to identify different components, how to strip and rebuild a computer, and how to load operating systems and software to make your computer work effectively. You will learn about printers, tablets and smart phones and their operating systems. You will also learn about viruses, worms and security.

How is the course structured and graded?
Cisco IT Essentials consists of 12 chapters. At the end of each chapter students do a chapter exam. At the end of the course students do a final theory exam as well as a final practical exam. Students must gain 70% to pass the course. It takes about four terms to complete
the IT Essentials certification after which we then do the CompTia A+ certification. The CompTia A+ is from a different organisation than CISCO and the course material is very similar to the IT Essentials.

Will this course be suitable for me?
If you are interested in computers and prepared to work hard then this course will offer you a route to a bright future. It is very much “full on” and students have to apply themselves every day.

What could this course lead to?
Some students will complete the full course within one year (Year 12) and then they will start on the CCNA course in Year 13. The main focus is to gain an IT Apprenticeship.

Course Infomation

Course Contact

Mr Neethling


CISCO Industry Certification Level 2

Additional Fees

There is a fee of £80 per term. This fee will cover all text books, online registrations, internal exams and local visits. External Industry Certification exams are not covered by the fee. In addition to the fee, a major subsidy from Bredon School makes CISCO study possible for our students


Examination only


Ideal for Apprenticeship and Further Education

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