Mechanical Engineering and Maintenance

On this course you will gain the skills, qualities and knowledge that you will require to start a rewarding and challenging career in the wide and varied world of Engineering. You will learn about basic and more advanced hand and machine tools and their operation, about health and safety and how to conduct yourself safely in the Engineering workshop. You will also learn how to care for, maintain and repair machines, tooling and equipment used in the engineering and agricultural world.

How is the course structured and graded?
This qualification is a Bredon School exclusive course. It has been developed to provide a wide range of engineering experiences for Bredon School students who have a real interest in pursuing a career in mechanical engineering.

The course will be conducted and monitored through a series of practical tasks, projects, tests and exercises designed to expand the level of skills, knowledge and experience of the pupil. Please be aware that this programme of study is internally accredited, meaning that the course is not certified by an external examination board.

Will this course be suitable for me?
This course is wholly internally assessed, based on practical work undertaken, with no final exam. This course is based on the development of a wider range of engineering practical skills through practical tasks. There is a requirement for a small amount of record keeping. If
you have a deeper interest in engineering and are hoping to further develop your skills and abilities with a view to a possible career in the engineering world, this is an ideal course for you.

What could this course lead to?
This course could lead to an engaging and fulfilling career in engineering fields such as automotive or agricultural maintenance.

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Mr Wright


Bredon School Certificate

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There are no additional fees for this course


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