The course studies aspects of UK politics through the structures of the UK political system, its institutions, systems and core elements. We consider political participation in the UK through voting and other mechanisms. The course also covers key political models at a philosophical level, such as liberalism and conservatism. As a comparison, the course looks at the political institutions and system in the USA before considering Global political issues such as globalisation, global governance and political sovereignty.

How is the course structured and graded?
This is a linear A Level studied over two years and is assessed by final exams only. There are three components, each assessed by a two hour examination in Year 13.

Will this course be suitable for me?
If you have an interest in UK and global politics, and political theory, this course will be for you. This course requires students to be able to write short and long essay questions in time limited situations. It also requires students to read and gather information from a wide
range of sources, therefore students would usually be required to have attained at least a grade 5 in GCSE English.

What could this course lead to?
This course to lead to further study at university in politics or other relevant subjects such as Law, Sociology or Philosophy. It is also a useful subject for entry into the public services such as the army, police or civil service.

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Mr Follett


A Level

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There are no additional fees for this course


Examination only


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