Art and Design

You will create a portfolio of artwork in Year 10 based on a starting point of your choice. This will be followed by an exam project set by OCR in January of Year 11. Your projects will need to include artist research and reference to cultural links, experimentation with different materials and techniques, and the creation of a personal final piece. The course combines practical and theory, with the study of artists feeding into your own creativity.

How is the course structured and graded?

You will create two projects. The coursework project, developed over four terms, is worth 60% of your final mark. The set task project is developed over a term and is worth 40%. You will have a 10 hour exam in the Spring Term of Year 11 in which to complete one outcome for your set task project. The course is graded on the usual GCSE scale. Please see the OCR website for further details.

Will this course be suitable for me?

To be successful on this course you will need to be enthusiastic and committed to the subject. You will need to be motivated to complete work away from the classroom and be keen to experiment with different materials and techniques. You will be required to put in an extra three hours on top of your timetabled lessons each week.

What could this course lead to?

Students who take this course can go on to study it at AS/A2 Level. This further opens up fantastic pathways to Art Foundation Courses and Degrees in the Arts.

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