You will undertake challenges aimed at developing life skills. Challenges in the past have included running a car wash business, making bird boxes and going on a residential trip. Challenges vary and are topical to what is happening in the local community and wider world. The programme is very individualised and designed to suit each student.

How is the course structured and graded?

The course is an Entry Level course and is made up of separate units which include challenges

Will this course be suitable for me?

This course is suitable for students who might find the GCSE pathway challenging and would benefit from developing confidence whilst learning in a safe environment. This course is ideal for students who are also taking other Entry Level courses.

“I found this course a lot of fun and enjoyable. The teachers helped me to become better at studying and understanding how to solve problems.” Student

What could this course lead to?

This course provides the opportunity to study CoPE (Certificate of Personal Effectiveness) Level 1 or 2 in the Sixth Form, which builds on what has been studied in Years 10 and 11.

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Mrs Morris


Personal & Social Development

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Works towards GCSE level

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