Agriculture (Level 1)

You will learn the basic aspects of Agriculture on a principally livestock based farm. You will learn how to provide the principles of livestock husbandry across the range of animals we have on our farm.

How is the course structured and graded?

The course is graded Pass or Fail. This is based on meeting certain criteria throughout the coursework. A degree of written work is required, primarily these will be write ups of practical tasks, and looking at how health and safety is implemented on the farm.

Will this course be suitable for me? ​

The course involves a great deal of practical work. You will be on the farm for most lessons, taking part in husbandry tasks and helping the Farm Manager with the day to day running of the farm. You should enjoy working with animals and being outdoors.

“I found the course varied and interesting. I love being outside and working with
the animals, they give me a great sense of satisfaction!”

What could this course lead to?

This course is aimed at students who may wish to study Level 2 Agriculture in Bredon School’s Sixth Form, or Level 2 Agriculture at a Further Education establishment.

Course Infomation

Course Contact

Mr James


Edexcel Level 1 BTEC Certificate

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Coursework only


Accepted for Sixth Form entry into Level 2 qualifications

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