English Literature

If you are in set 1 for English you will automatically study this course alongside the iGCSE in Language. In it you will study a range of poems, plays and novels. Some of them will be assessed through written coursework and some in the final exam. You will cover familiar and also unfamiliar texts in a course that is great for developing your enjoyment of literature.

How is the course structured and graded?

For the exam (worth 75%) you will study one play, one novel and one collection of poetry from a wide and interesting range. The coursework requires the close study of two texts. These essays may be redrafted until they are as good as possible. The final grading is the familiar A*-G range.

Will this course be suitable for me?

If you are in set 1 you will already be enrolled on this course but it can be easily managed alongside the iGCSE in Language. It is a really good preparation for A Level Literature in the Sixth Form, but also helps with any courses that involve a lot of reading and writing such
as History or Politics.

What have other students said about the course?

The iGCSE is a relatively new course to Bredon, but past students who have studied similar GCSE courses have really enjoyed reading and thinking about the thought- provoking texts involved.

What could this course lead to?

It is a well-respected international qualification which shows colleges and employers you have the ability to read and understand a range of texts. Because of this, it is good preparation for almost any future course of study or employment.

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Mr Milton


Cambridge iGCSE

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