Head Boy & Head Girl Welcome

As Head Boy and Head Girl at Bredon School, it is our pleasure to extend a very warm welcome to you.

Bredon is a truly unique school, with an immense sense of community, support and togetherness. During our time here, we have been overwhelmed with the encouragement we have received from not only our teachers, Houseparent’s, and other members of the school team, but also that of our peers. One of the most magical elements of joining the Bredon family, is the feeling that almost at once, you no longer feel alone. To have others around you who may have faced the same struggles and worries as you creates a strong feeling of understanding and acceptance, allowing each of us the opportunity to reach our full potential.

In larger schools, it can be easy to feel lost in an ocean of people; the joy of Bredon is that it is a smaller school, where each and every pupil is valued as an individual. Having these smaller class sizes allows you to get to know other pupils well and we have formed fantastic friendships during our time here.

All lessons are taught with dyslexia in mind. Simple differences, such as not being asked to copy down from the board and having all paperwork printed in dyslexia friendly fonts and colours, make an enormous impact to our everyday learning. We hope that this wonderful school can offer you and your child the educational experiences that we are so fortunate to have had.

In our roles as Head Boy and Head Girl of school, we aim to be positive role models for our younger pupils and inspire all pupils to find their passion and embrace every opportunity given to them with enthusiasm and determination.

We hope that you will come and visit Bredon soon, and we look forward to meeting you and showing you around our school.

Mitchell and Eloise