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The Access Centre is an integral part of life at Bredon School.

Support is provided through a range of formats, including targeted small group sessions and in-class assistance. Utilising the expertise and experience of our staff in order to best support young people with regards to their learning difficulties. The aim is that all pupils achieve their potential regardless of the difficulties they face. The School, supported by the expertise of the staff in the Access Centre, is able to help young people with dyslexia, across the ability range.

Bredon School believes in the principles of entitlement and inclusion and therefore wants all pupils to engage in a full curriculum. Pupils with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia are offered withdrawal from non-core subjects to focus on identified areas of difficulty such as reading, writing and maths. Study skills and revision techniques can be a focus as pupils enter exam seasons, as well as supporting pupils with managing their anxiety levels and offering a nurturing and calm atmosphere for all.  

We help children, allowing them to thrive in the classroom and to engage in a full curriculum. In addition to the Specific Learning Sessions (SLS) provided by the Access Centre, we are able to further boast expertise from a fully qualified Speech and Language team and Occupational Therapy. Other pupils are offered in-class support or a combination of both withdrawal and support in-class.

  "Pupils’ progress and attainment are excellent in relation to their start points"

Independent Schools Inspectorate, September 2018

Staff and resources

Our team of SENCOs work closely together to support the individual needs of pupils. There are six SpLD qualified members of staff who teach within the Access Centre. This is further supported by a team of experienced Teaching Assistants who provide quality support within the classroom environment.

All pupils with additional needs are identified on an additional needs register at SEN Support or Statement/Education, Health & Care Plans. Pupils have a ‘Pupil Passport’ which is written in partnership with the pupils themselves. This provides vital information about an individual’s needs and the best ways to support them in school. By involving the pupils in the writing of their Passport, it gives them ownership of their learning and encourages them to take greater responsibility of how they will best progress. Individual short term targets are set by all additional professionals involved with a pupil to help them with their difficulties. These targets are set through discussion with the young person and allow them to see the progress they make throughout the year. This information can also be used to feed into reports and meetings when needed, providing a well-rounded, detailed picture of an individual.

As part of the School’s commitment to SEN, all teaching staff hold, or are working towards, a minimum of a Level 3 accredited dyslexia course provided by the British Dyslexia Association. Regular training takes place with staff on continued professional development days and Access Centre staff are happy to offer advice and strategies; a good relationship between them and subject teachers mean that continuity can be seen throughout across the School.

There is a commitment by the School that all pupils are taught in a dyslexia friendly format, using a variety of multi-sensory techniques, further supported by assistive technology wherever possible. The aim is that pupils are supported in such a manner that they are equipped with strategies, procedures and the confidence to access work as independently as possible in lessons.

Pupils are placed in sets according to their understanding rather than their literacy level. Work is differentiated so they are able to demonstrate their understanding and ability without being held back by SEN needs. Our young children are motivated by the level of challenge in all lessons.

Every effort is made to provide a bespoke program for all pupils, enabling them to achieve their full potential. In KS4 and KS5, access to GCSEs and A Levels is encouraged, while Bredon also offers a more vocational pathway, including our award-winning long term work experience initiative.

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