Assistive Technology


At Bredon, we use a number of different assistive technologies, all designed to make our pupils as independent as possible, both whilst at school and into adult life.


Computer based learning programme: We use a number of dyslexia-friendly learning programmes across the school. These support our young people in many areas including reading, writing, touch-typing and numeracy.


Tablets, Smartphones and Applications: All pupils at Bredon have access to their own Google Chromebook, with a number of different assistive technology applications. Many pupils also use a wide range of hardware and software applications to help them to manage their time and task list more effectively.  


Speech recognition software: This allows our pupils to dictate or talk to a computer that uses software to convert this to text.   


Text-to-speech software: This allows our pupils to access and understand written material they are presented with and to proof-read or check their own work.


Reading pens: These allow the user to listen to the text found in books and other documents. Many children like these as they are small and easily portable in their pockets!

Spell checkers: Specifically designed with dyslexia in mind to automatically make corrections to written communications.


"Many pupils make excellent use of ICT for presenting their work and to support their learning in a range of subjects."

Independent Schools Inspectorate, September 2018

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