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The Duke of Edinburgh's Award (DofE) is a leading youth charity that aims to give young people aged 14-24 the opportunity to achieve personal development.


Bredon School has been an enthusiastic supporter of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award for many years and is a Direct Licensing Organisation. Starting from Year 9 upwards, our pupils have the opportunity to pursue the Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.

Adding Value

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme is highly regarded by universities and employers as a reflection of a young person’s commitment, fortitude and adaptability. The programme is achievement-focused and demands significant commitment, thereby engendering our pupils with vital skills for work and life.

Each year we have many new pupils signing up, looking to progress from Bronze and Silver through to Gold.   

  • Bronze is available to pupils in Year 9 (a minimum of 14 years old). The Award takes a minimum of 6 months to achieve.

  • Silver is available to pupils in Year 10 and above (a minimum of 15 years old). The Award takes a minimum of 6–12 months to achieve.

  • Gold is available to pupils in Year 12 and above (a minimum of 16 years old). The Award takes a minimum of 12–18 months to achieve.

What’s involved?

There are four sections at Bronze and Silver, and five at Gold:

  • Volunteering – undertaking service to individuals or the community.

  • Physical – improving in an area of sport, dance or fitness.

  • Skills – developing practical and social skills and personal interests.

  • Expedition – planning, training and completion of an adventurous journey in the UK or abroad.

  • At Gold, the fifth section, Residential, involves working and staying away from home doing a shared activity, meeting new people. This section is organised and paid for by the pupils themselves but they are given ideas and websites to peruse. Pupils are encouraged to finish their Gold whilst in the Sixth Form at Bredon.


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