Emotional Literacy Support


Many young people struggle with their emotions and at Bredon School, we pride ourselves on providing a nurturing environment for all pupils. ‘Emotional Literacy’ is the ability to recognise, understand and express emotions whilst responding appropriately to others.


We like the term Emotional Literacy as it creates a link to English literacy. To read we have to learn to decode a word to be able to read and understand it. In the same way, with Emotional Literacy, some young people need support to learn how to be able to read a person’s facial expressions and understand other non-verbal communication. Like reading skills, the skills needed to read emotions need to be taught and personalised to each individual.


Support for Emotional Literacy


Our staff understand, notice and monitor the emotional needs of each child. We have a pastoral team and staff liaise closely with them and each other in supporting the needs of our pupils. We also have a dedicated wellbeing and support coach who can be approached directly by pupils. A councillor is also available, if needed, and visits Bredon once a week. In addition, our extensive outdoor education programme not only gives pupils time to interact with the outdoors but reflect on their emotions. Furthermore, every Monday morning starts with ‘Move it Monday’ where our pupils start the week with mindfulness activities rather than academic subjects.


In our Access Centre pupils are supported with a range of resources:


Using stories - Stories help to teach pupils different ways of perceiving things in a non-threatening manner. This can be with published stories and ones that are made up.

Games - Games are a safe, structured way to raise personal issues and other people’s perspectives without relating to an individual.

Increasing vocabulary - Helping pupils discuss and describe their own emotions.

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