Year 10 Options


One of our key strengths at Bredon School is the wide variety of courses that we are able to offer our students, from traditional subjects, such as Geography and History, to our more creative subjects, such as Photography and Art. All are designed to engage and inspire our students.

Our teaching staff continue to offer the encouraging and supportive learning environment that allows our students to both progress and develop, whilst structured lessons and courses are designed to ensure that all students are able to reach their full potential.

The choice of options selected in Year 10 is key to learning success and is the very start of preparing for a potential career pathway. It is important that our students pick courses they will enjoy.

Bredon will continue to develop and nurture your key interests in Year 10 and 11, whilst offering bespoke career advice and the valid contribution of work experience.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Mr Nick Oldham

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  • Art and Design

  • Agriculture (Level 1)

  • Agriculture (Level 2)

  • Business: Enterprise and Marketing

  • Caring for Children

  • Catering: Hospitality

  • Cisco CompTIAA

  • Cisco IT Essentials

  • Cisco Panduit & Network Infrastructure (PNIE)

  • Design and Technology

  • Design and Technology (Unit Award)

  • Design and Technology (Unit Award)

  • Engineering

  • English Functional Skills

  • English Language

  • English Language (Step up to English)

  • English Literature

  • Film Studies

  • Food Preparation and Nutrition

  • Geography

  • Humanities (Geography and History)

  • Land Based Studies

  • Maths (Entry Level)

  • Performing Arts

  • Photography

  • Religious Studies

  • Science

  • Science (Entry Level)

  • Sport Science

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