Junior School Education

Our Junior School curriculum aims to engage and motivate pupil learning. Through our dynamic, creative curriculum pupils develop a love of learning leaving them with an enthusiasm to discover more.

Whilst our curriculum caters for everyone, it also celebrates the individual’s strengths and achievements. Core skills, the improvement of skills in reading, writing and numeracy form the basis for morning lessons ensuring that the vital building blocks for future learning are secure. Pupils also benefit from lessons based in our modern facilities for Woodwork, Engineering, Science, Catering and Art and Design.

Afternoon lessons lend themselves to a more hands on approach to learning such as Forest School and sessions on the fully operational school farm. Bredon boasts a dedicated 4-acre Forest School set deep within our extensive woodlands. Taught in Key Stage 2, pupils benefit from two hours of Forest School tuition each week. Helping to develop social and team building skills as well as fine motor skills pupils learn a range of skills. These include weaving with hazel, building shelters, splitting wood and under supervision, making campfires and climbing trees. Pupils are able observe habitats of insects, identify leaves, plant trees and learn basic cooking skills on the campfire.

At the heart of the Bredon School campus lies our working farm, a resource which pupils within the Junior School make use of on a weekly basis. Pupils gain practical countryside skills including feeding, herding and harvesting. 

Junior School pupils relish our three day residential trip each year, taking them to an outdoor centre within Gloucestershire or neighbouring county. Pupils participate in a wide range of activities including raft building, climbing and visiting historic sites developing team skills as well as being lots of fun.

Pupils requiring extra support lessons, are taught by fully qualified staff who are highly experienced in supporting pupils with various levels of needs. Specialist Learning Support (SLS) staff join pupils within the classroom setting to ensure that support outside of the classroom coincides with the support offered outside of the classroom.