School Farm

Set at the heart of the School’s beautiful campus is the School Farm.

The fully operational farm is home to a variety of livestock which include Badger Face Welsh Mountain sheep, Scottish Black Face sheep, Welsh Mules, large White pigs, Saddleback pigs, turkeys, hens, South Devon cattle, ponies and geese.

All pupils up to the end of Year 9 take part in timetabled farm lessons each week, helping out with maintenance, planting and allotment duties, seasonal tasks and cleaning, as well as assisting with the feeding and welfare of the animals.

Pupils in Year 10 upwards are able to choose to follow academic qualifications which see pupils studying animal and crop husbandry, horticulture, livestock production and animal welfare, as well as workshop-based skills such as welding, vehicle and machinery maintenance.

Outside of lesson time, volunteers and extra pairs of hands are always welcome whilst enterprising pupils may also get involved in selling farm produce to the school and local community in the school’s own Farm Shop with proceeds reinvested into the farm.