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Bredon School’s Reading Group meets three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. There is lots of evidence to suggest that ‘little and often’ is the most effective way to enhance reading ability and we have already seen our pupils progress, within just a few months.


Rather than reading texts, members play TRUGS (Teaching Reading Using Games) card games in pairs or small groups.


TRUGS is a structured reading programme consisting of 15 stages. Each stage focuses on a different element of reading,  beginning with CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) - words in stage one such as ‘sat’ and ‘mat’ - and progressing to more and more complex blends, such as multiple syllables and pronunciations which are not pronounced phonetically (for example ‘gem’).   

A brief reading assessment identifies which stage the pupil is working at and they are then matched with an older pupil who facilitates the games (often as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award for the volunteering element of their Award).


Through playing the games, pupils will read words repeatedly. The act of reading the word visually, whilst saying it verbally - therefore simultaneously hearing and speaking - is proven to be key to developing automaticity in reading. This automaticity helps to enhance fluency and ultimately confidence. As reading becomes easier for the pupils, their cognitive load lessens and they are able to focus upon the content and meaning of what they are actually reading, as opposed to decoding. Once pupils have achieved this level of reading, they begin to find their subject classes much more accessible.


Our Reading Group has become an established part of the school day for many of our pupils and it is great to see their confidence improve by taking part in a fun activity.  

"I wanted to thank you and your staff for the support you have given

my son during his first couple of weeks at Bredon. The kindness shown has enabled him to settle in quickly and he is enjoying his new school enormously. The small class sizes enable him to feel included in every lesson. More than anything, he has been immensely touched by the thoughtfulness of the

staff and their treatment of him as an individual."  


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