Our Houses

Bredon School is recognised for placing a strong emphasis on outstanding pastoral care for each individual pupil. Building upon strong, established foundations for a sector-leading pastoral approach, Bredon School is committed to ensuring its provision does not stand still but evolves.

From September 2021, pastoral care for all pupils at Bredon throughout the school day has been delivered through a revitalised house system. This will be achieved through the three houses; Jarrett, Sharp and Thomas. Each of these houses will be led up by a Day Housemistress or Housemaster who will be referred to as a “Day HsM”.

From a parental point of view the Day HsMs will be, in conjunction with the individual tutors, the main point of contact and will report home regularly and proactively. Housemasters have weekly contact with all their charges during House Time and take the opportunity to meet with smaller groups within the house during daily tutor time. The House system ensures all pupils have a strong sense of identity and belonging during their time at Bredon and the intra-house bonds are evident in the regular competitions that take place. Not only does the house system offer opportunities for closer, more personalised pastoral support but also a multitude of various positions of responsibility with all pupils able to experience different forms of leadership.