English Functional Skills

Using a range of non-fiction texts and situations based around the world of work, you will learn how to respond using a variety of written formats such as reports, emails, letters and articles. Literacy skills will also be reinforced and taught in order to write accurately and to present yourself in a professional and legible manner. 


How is the course structured and graded? 

The course is divided into three examined parts. The first part tests your response to reading non-literary texts such as leaflets or articles. You will then have to respond to summarise ideas in the article or comment on what is written. The second examination is a writing test where you complete two written tasks. The final section is a speaking and listening test. You are graded either a Pass or Fail at Levels 1 and 2. 

Will this course be suitable for me? 

Your English teacher will guide you as to whether this is the correct core option in English for you. What have other students said about the course? Some students prefer this course to IGCSE English language because it uses real life situations and factual texts rather than responding to fictional texts. 

What could this course lead to? 

The work you do in Functional Skills gives a firm foundation in communications for a wide range of employment opportunities.