English Language


Bredon School has adopted Cambridge International GCSE, First Language English Qualification. This well-respected and popular course retains written coursework, worth 50%. The final exam, also worth 50%, tests reading and writing skills. 

How is the course structured and graded? 

There are three pieces of written coursework to complete (two which test writing skills only and a third which also tests reading skills) and these may be drafted in class. Students may also undertake a range of speaking and listening exercises. The final exam tests both reading and writing skills. The final grading will be from levels 1 – 9. 


Will this course be suitable for me? 

As a core subject, this course is compulsory. Bredon has chosen the IGCSE because it is flexible and allows students to succeed at their highest possible potential. What have other students said about the course? Year 11 students who have been entered so far have enjoyed the course. They particularly like the fact they are writing coursework which can be redrafted rather than controlled assessments which cannot. The scope of the course also allows for a wide range of literary material to be used as a basis for written work. 

What could this course lead to? 

Many Level 3 courses and jobs cannot be undertaken unless you have a Level 2 qualification in English, so this course is really important, regardless of what you might like to do later in life. Students who do not get a level 4 in IGCSE English will always automatically do retakes in the Sixth Form, in line with government policy.