Film Studies

Using popular mainstream films, as well as films produced from outside Hollywood, this course allows you to study the ways in which we experience films and how they communicate ideas, attitudes and beliefs both now and in the past. 

How is the course structured and graded? 

The course is divided into three parts. The first two parts form the examined content which tests your knowledge of film language and the development of cinema in the US and from around the world. Each exam lasts 90 minutes. The internally assessed part of the course focuses on the production of a genre based film extract of your own, together with an evaluative analysis. 

Will this course be suitable for me? 

This course is designed to build upon your own experiences and to encourage a recognition of how individuals and societies are represented. If you enjoy film, and are motivated to bring an initial idea to a polished completion, then you will enjoy GCSE Film Studies.

 What could this course lead to? 

GCSE Film Studies, in addition to being an interesting and enjoyable subject, provides an initial foundation for anyone interested in studying Media, Film or Digital Communication courses. On completion of this course, pupils can progress to study Film Studies at A Level.


“I enjoy this subject. We get the chance to do lots of work with films and also lots of other work with images. I also enjoy filming.”