This engaging course covers three relevant and exciting themes, building upon your previous geography study: ‘Population and Settlement’ including world population issues, migration and the impact of rapid urban growth; ‘The Natural Environment’ including earthquakes and volcanoes, managing coastal erosion, using weather and climate data and ecosystems; ‘Economic Development’ including globalisation, renewable energy and sustainable development. Your geographical skills are developed throughout the course. 

How is the course structured and graded? 

Paper 1: Geographical Themes (45%) written paper Paper 2: Geographical Skills (27.5%) written paper Coursework: Residential coastal investigation – Slapton Ley (27.5%) 

Will this course be suitable for me?

If you are enthusiastic, have an enquiring mind and an interest in the world around you, then yes! If you enjoy exploring new places and investigating important issues relevant to your daily life, then this is the course for you. Lessons are practical and draw upon multiple resources including video footage, news reports, photographs, data and recent case studies. 

What could this course lead to? 

This course prepares students for further study at A Level. It not only complements both humanities and science subjects, but it also provides students with practical skills needed in today’s workplace such as decision making and problem solving.


“The course was challenging but there was lots of help and support for me to succeed.”