Students will study a wide range of topics, including Number, Algebra, Statistics and Measures, Probability, Geometry and Shapes. The topics will be split into calculator based and non-calculator. You will work through these topics using a range of interesting activities, many of which involve solving mathematical problems and applying mathematical understanding. 

How is the course structured and graded? 

The course is offered at two tiers. We will select the most appropriate tier for each student, based on their progress. Higher tier allows the student to achieve up to a Grade 9, whilst the Foundation paper is capped at grade 5. Final exams are linear based and will take place at the end of the two-year course. Final assessment consists of three papers. Paper 1 is non-calculator, Paper 2 and 3 are both calculator based, all for one hour and 30 minutes. 

Will this course be suitable for me? 

A minimum of grade 4 Maths is essential for many Sixth Form courses as it shows a general knowledge of Mathematics. All students must study Mathematics during Year 10 and 11; it is a compulsory subject for all pupils in the UK.

 What could this course lead to? 

A minimum grade 4 is needed for the next step in education. If you would like to go to university, a grade 4 is needed to access many courses. If you don’t achieve a grade 4 the first time around, you will automatically be entered to retake it in the Sixth Form.


“I’ve always enjoyed Maths and it makes such a difference having teachers who know their subject very well and are enthusiastic about it”