Sport Science

You will learn about many aspects of Sport Science, particularly thinking about how the body works to enable humans to participate in sport and creating training programmes to improve sport performance. Time will be spent discovering how to recognise injury, deal with recovery and explore psychological factors that impact performance. You will also develop practical skills in fitness testing and training techniques. 

How is the course structured and graded? 

This qualification is available in a four-unit Certificate form (equivalent to a GCSE). Three of the units are coursework based and externally moderated. The other unit is an exam that assesses your knowledge of injuries, prevention of injury and health and safety in sport. The first unit studied is Applying Principles of Training, then we prepare for the exam which is taken at the end of Year 10. In Year 11 you will study the Body’s Response to Exercise and finally Sports Psychology.

 Will this course be suitable for me? 

To be successful on this course, you need to have an enthusiasm for sport, be it playing, watching or just wanting to learn more about your body. The course involves quite a bit of writing, with PowerPoint presentations and practical lessons. You will not be just playing sport but learning how to analyse and recognise good practice. This course will give you a well-rounded view on sport from biological views to practical issues. What could this course lead to? Students taking this course have gone on to study sports related courses at Level 3 in our Sixth Form. Others have moved onto apprenticeships in the sport industry or employment in personal training.

What could this course lead to? 

The ability to communicate in a foreign language is a skill for life and something students should enjoy and find rewarding. It is useful for travelling and working in an international environment. An awareness and accumulation of skills provides an excellent foundation to study Spanish at A Level. It is highly valued by both employers and universities.


“I found that this course really helped to improve my understanding of how the body works and the effect that sport has on it. It gave me confidence to talk to others about my subject and my knowledge of how to look after myself increased. I now have a clear idea of what I want to do in the future, thanks to this course.”