Speech & Language Therapy

At Bredon School we strive to support young people with a range of speech, language and communication needs (SLCN).


We work with young people who have difficulties with:

  • Attention and listening

  • Understanding and processing language

  • Vocabulary

  • Functional use of language

  • Social communication

  • Speech and sound awareness


Speech and Language Therapy within the School is provided by a dedicated team from Worcestershire Children’s Speech & Language Therapy Services. We have four therapists who work in our school and our pupils throughout the week. Each therapist brings something different to the team and the wider school community. They also have access to support and advice from the extensive Worcestershire Speech and Language Team.


But the team supporting pupils with SLC needs is much larger… it’s the whole school community. Young people with SLCN are supported across three levels at Bredon School:


Universal provision supports all pupils at Bredon School and ensures they can access their learning environment and have appropriate language and communication opportunities.


Targeted provision is when specific interventions are offered to young people who have some difficulties in relation to speech, language and communication, but with a small amount of directed support can succeed.


Specialist provision is for those young people who despite the universal support, still require individualised and personalised support. This may include young people with complex communication needs or those pupils who although cognitively able have a specific speech, language or communication need.


Our speech and language therapists are very much part of the Bredon School team and work with staff and students. They work with children and young people who have:


  • Difficulties understanding what is said, for example, following instructions or inferring underlying meaning;

  • Limited use of words and sentences and/or difficulties with word order or syntax;

  • Specific difficulties in organising their ideas to be precise and concise;

  • Difficulties storing, accessing and utilising appropriate vocabulary;

  • Difficulties with social skills including non verbal communication skills, making and keeping friends and understanding the perspective of others;

  • A stammer or voice disorder;

  • Unclear speech and/or difficulties in pronouncing certain sounds.


The Balanced System


The Balanced System is an accredited award scheme that we are working towards at Bredon School. It is a whole school strategic approach that aims to understand need, identify existing provision and support schools to enhance provision and improve outcomes for children and young people with SLCN.


The balanced system looks at five strands over each of the three levels.

Useful Links:


Worcestershire Speech and Language Service - information regarding the Worcestershire Speech and Language Service, including resources for parents


The Balanced System - further information about this accreditation scheme


Talking Point - a one stop shop for additional information about communication and young people

The Communication Trust - a charitable organisation supporting children and young people's speech language and communication skills

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