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"The school’s broad curriculum allows pupils to develop a wide range of skills in many different ways. It is also evident that the curriculum and teaching arrangements enables pupils to build their confidence and self-esteem in an environment designed to meet each individual’s needs’"

CReSTeD report 2018


Erin joined Year 7 at Bredon School in 2015, 


‘Coming from a military family, Bredon is my fifth school, having had to move around so much’, Erin recalls that this was hard for her and her sister, who is also at Bredon. ‘It has been so good to settle into a boarding school that feels like a second home and a permanent base for me’

Before Bredon, Erin was struggling with more than the changing groups of friends and environment, she was also struggling with the academic pressure of the other schools.

‘I’m amazed I have come this far in such a short time, says Erin, ‘I was always in bottom sets because I was never able to cope with my dyslexia and the demands of the curriculum. Now I have teachers who have worked out a plan with me and are helping me progress’

‘I also get to learn so much more here, I love the farm and Land-Based studies. Other subjects I enjoy are music, maths, sports and English. I never thought I would enjoy English!’

Even though Erin has changed schools often in the past, she was still understandably nervous about coming to Bredon, particularly because she would be boarding ‘But I settled in really quickly, she says ‘the boarding is so fun and I made friends more quickly here than my other schools. I’m so happy here’​


Sam came to Bredon School with a classic diagnosis of Dyslexia and Dyspraxia,


finding letters moving around on the paper and struggling with organisational skills among other common symptoms.


Sam has developed way beyond his expected levels of achievements, both academically and in other arenas. Since starting at Bredon School six years ago, he has been given so many opportunities and he says that he knows the staff believe in him.

Sam is enjoying big success with his clay shooting and is a key member of the shooting team, competing at national events to represent the School. He spends a lot of his time on the school farm too as part of his Agricultural studies.

Sam has recently been attending interviews for a local engineering company for work experience in the Sixth Form and is looking forward to this placement very much.
Alongside all of his studies and shooting Sam also enjoys the School’s CCF and the NCS (National Citizen Service scheme). He is certainly making the most of every opportunity.


Flo has been at Bredon for six months


‘I came from a dyslexia provision primary school, so I knew the techniques to cope with my Dyslexia but the classes were so big (thirty-five pupils to a class) that I was falling behind, says Flo, ‘by Year 9 I was putting in lots of effort but nothing was changing – so I gave up hope’

Flo explains that giving up hope was not something that came easily as she is a determined individual and knew that she had the abilities to do well, but the struggle became so difficult that she felt deflated and her self-esteem plummeted.

”The beginning of Year 10 things started going very wrong for me, continues Flo, ‘I was isolating from my parents and teachers, mixing with the wrong crowds and, well, I just withdrew from the world’

Flo’s parents were increasingly worried and knew that they were losing their once vibrant happy daughter, so after much serious thought, the family decided to move and Flo was enrolled into Bredon School.

‘I am so much more confident already, remarks Flo with a bright smile, ‘I am happy and enthusiastic about my life and I even embrace my dyslexia as a positive part of me now.’

Flo is currently top of her maths class and showing real talent in all of her subjects.

‘What I love so much here, Flo concludes, ‘is the way they teach’

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