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A bursary is means-tested financial support for school fees. The aim is to ensure that Bredon School is accessible to able students, irrespective of income. Any current or prospective pupil is eligible to apply for bursarial support, including external candidates who are hoping to be awarded a scholarship.

Although the school has no legacy income, it puts aside a limited amount of funding to support pupils who cannot afford to pay school fees, including pupils who are already in the school and whose families have suffered sudden and unexpected hardship.

The school retains full discretion to decide who does or does not satisfy the criteria for a bursary, taking into account all relevant information.

A bursary committee meets to consider the relevant merits of applications for assistance. In making its decisions the committee takes into account parental income and the value of assets.

Applying for a Bursary

The prospective pupil and his or her parents should:

  • Satisfy themselves that they are likely to fulfil the academic and means-testing criteria;
  • Complete and return a Statement of Financial Circumstances (together with supporting evidence) to the Bursar. This form is available from the Bursary, telephone 01684 293156, or write to: The Bursar, Bredon School, Pull Court, Bushley, Nr Tewkesbury, GL20 6AH.

Full terms and conditions of our Bursaries are available here.