Thomas House

Thomas House is named after Brian Llewellyn Thomas, who was Bredon’s first Director of Studies when Bredon opened in 1962. Mr Thomas had been in Lt-Col Sharp’s regiment and served alongside him in Malaya (now Malaysia) but had left the army several years before and gone into teaching. As L-Col Sharp approached retirement, Thomas became Headmaster of Bredon School in the autumn of 1977

Housemistress: Mrs Odam

Mrs Odam is an experienced lecturer and teacher of Agriculture with a wealth of experience from working on her family farm and international farms. Mrs Odam believes a combination of hard work, a positive attitude and good communication is key to success.

Joining Bredon in 2019, Mrs Odam’s favourite aspects of Bredon are the focus on the individual, the responsive learning techniques and the opportunities available to all pupils.

Mrs Odam aims to enable every pupil to discover their individual strengths and skills. Mrs Odam will always find the time for pupils and wishes for every Thomas pupil to feel part of the Thomas family. As a Rugby player Mrs Odam knows you are always part of a team, even when cheering and spectating. Go Thomas!

Mrs Odam hopes to help pupils build self confidence. Within the house there is always a safe environment for pupils to feel safe in discussing both the hard times and the good so that the house can go through them together. Hollie the dog is also very excited to be the new dog mascot!