Junior School Curriculum

Bredon Junior School follows the National Curriculum along with additional vocational programmes of study.

The core subjects of English and Mathematics are taught daily along with Science twice a week. Junior pupils also study Geography, History, ICT, R.E. and PSHCE every week. All lessons are delivered by experienced primary school teachers who specialise in different subjects. 

Alongside assistive technology, specialist Dyslexia teaching methods are used in lessons to engage pupils. Programs such as Nessy, Read & Write Education, Accelerated Reader and Typing Club give pupils the best opportunities to succeed. Time is allocated each day to allow our pupils to focus on areas of development.

It is acknowledged levels of focus are generally higher in the mornings with greater levels of progression, with this in mind our academic lessons are timetabled for the morning and in the afternoon we have a focus on more practical subjects with a diverse range of subjects and activities each week, including:

  • Forest School 
  • School Farm 
  • Outdoor Education
  • Art
  • DT 
  • Cookery
  • Performing Arts and Music
  • Physical Education
  • Sports lessons twice a week

Our curriculum is delivered using a variety of kinaesthetic, visual and auditory approaches to encourage excellent results for dyslexic pupils, alongside a plethora of opportunities to excel outside of the traditional classroom. Through skilled teaching, outdoor experiences provide a stimulating source of personal growth which can allow pupils to grow as resilient learners; developing their self-confidence as they enjoy feelings of success and achieve their full potential.