Sharp House

Sharp House is named after Bredon School’s Co-founder and first Headmaster, Lt-Col Sharp, who, along with Hugh Jarrett, established Bredon School as a boys boarding school in 1962. When the school opened its doors in the September of this year, it did so with 17 pupils and five resident members of staff. Lt-Col Sharp firmly believed that “the journey is as important as the destination” – and this is still very much at the core of Bredon’s ethos today.

Housemaster: Mr Stafford

My education philosophy is centred around fostering an inclusive environment where diversity is celebrated. I believe in ensuring kindness is the foundation for all of our interactions, helping to create a supportive environment that values every pupil’s individual strengths and strives to ensure progress at all times.

With a background in Primary Education, I understand the need to implement a personalised learning support and I will aim to ensure that each individual in Sharp House is given the chance to shape their education here at Bredon.

It is my belief that social development is equally as important, as I aim to nurture team skills, empathy and a sense of responsibility. I see my role as House Master as preparing students for academic success and readying them to make a positive contribution to society.