Boarding Life

Far from the 9am to 5pm community, the boarding provision at Bredon ensures that our pupils are kept busy from the moment they rise in the morning to the moment their heads hit the pillow in the evening.

When not engaged with their comprehensive academic and extra-curricular timetables during the school day, boarders are encouraged to take part in a wide range of after-school activities. These range from cookery to sport, from arts and crafts to music, from computing to electronics, to name a few. Boarders also have supervised prep sessions each evening.

Weekends are filled with an extensive recreational programme featuring activities such as bug boarding, laser tag, go-karting, crazy golf, paintballing, swimming, bowling and cinema trips, as well as shopping in local towns and cities. Activities are varied, appealing to both boys and girls, however special girls-only or boys-only activities are not unheard of, for example the girls-only spa and pamper party!

Bredon School Sixth Form Showcase

Join us for our Sixth Form Showcase on 26th January.

Bredon Sixth Form offers unparalleled support for pupils with Dyslexia. With over 20 subjects to choose from, choices include resits in English and Maths, as well as a combination of A Levels, BTEC and City & Guilds qualifications, to create a personalised curriculum based on a pupils strengths and interests. The Sixth Form also offers endless opportunities including leadership, outdoor education, a working farm and much more. The perfect mix of support and independence.

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