The Health and Wellbeing Centre is situated in the Keyte building, overlooking the quad area and is run by our brilliant nursing team of Mrs Jill Blakeney and Mrs Carey Allen.

Jill is a Registered General Nurse who has worked at Bredon for several years. She has a background in expedition medicine, medical, renal and rehabilitation as well as the Boarding Schools’ Association (BSA) Diploma in School Nursing.

Carey is a Registered Mental Health Nurse with a BSc in Mental Health Practice. Her background before Bredon is as a senior mental health practitioner in CAMHS. Carey is also a qualified DBT nurse therapist.

The Centre provides comprehensive care during school hours from 7:30am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. It contains a triage room, six single rooms with beds, toilet and shower facilities.

​The medical team care for pupils with a range of conditions and are on duty to administer prescribed medication to pupils throughout the day. The nurses also provide care for sudden illness and accidents and arrange outside health appointments when pupils need to see a doctor, physiotherapist or asthma specialist, for example.

The nurses are always on hand to offer support and advice at varying points during the school day. Pupils can make an appointment to visit the Health and Wellbeing Centre to talk about any concerns they may have, whether related to general health, wellbeing, anxiety or everyday worries.

There is always a trained nurse on duty during school hours to offer help and support to parents should they have any concerns about their child. You can get in touch with the Health and Wellbeing Centre via email nurses@bredonschool.co.uk

We are delighted to announce that Bredon School’s Health and Wellbeing Centre has been awarded the Seacole Standard, named after the pioneering nurse, Mary Seacole. This presitgious recognition is given to school health centres that demonstrate a high standard of treatment and care. Hieda, which is part of the BSA Group, has developed a rigorous approach based on five key questions?

  1. Is the Health Centre a safe environment for all members of the community?
  2. Is the care and treatment fit for purpose?
  3. Are all members of the community treated with kindness and respect?
  4. Is the care and treatment appropriate for every member of the community?
  5. Is the Health Centre well led and supported by senior staff?

These standards have been developed with reference to the Care Quality Commission’s key questions and applicable boarding standards in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Achieving the Seacole Standard signifies Bredon School’s commitment to providing a safe, inclusive and high quality healthcare experience for our pupils.