Admissions Process

Making the Admissions process as informal as possible, the key aim is to ascertain if Bredon School is the right fit for your child.

We do not ask prospective pupils to sit entrance examinations. We will ask to see your child’s most recent school reports together with any specialist assessments (e.g. Educational Psychologist report), if appropriate. All submitted reports are reviewed by our Admissions panel. Prospective pupils with Special Educational Needs will also be reviewed by our Director of Learning Development who will confirm that any specific learning requirements your child has can be supported at Bredon. 

We encourage parents and children to visit the School.  This takes the form of an individual visit, which can be arranged on most weekdays during term time. Visits offer the opportunity to meet the Headmaster for an interview, see classes in action, talk to staff and pupils whilst gaining a real sense of what Bredon has to offer.

Following a successful review and interview with the Headmaster, parents will be asked to make a formal application on their child’s behalf, upon which we would offer a taster experience.

Our taster experience sees prospective pupils joining their peer group allowing them to experience our creative curriculum, extensive extra-curricular activities, as well as get to know others who will be in the same class. Upon successful completion of a taster, an offer would be made.  

At the end of a taster, we believe you and your child will know whether you feel Bredon is the right school for your family.