Junior School

Our Junior School aims to engage and motivate pupil learning. As a Dyslexia specialist, our dynamic and creative curriculum allows pupils to develop a love of learning leaving them with an enthusiasm to discover more.

Core skills within English and Maths are taught daily  with particular emphasis placed upon improvement of reading, writing and numeracy.This forms the basis for morning lessons ensuring that the vital building blocks for future learning are secure. Pupils also benefit from lessons based in our senior school for Woodwork, Engineering, Science, Catering and Art and Design combined with Equestrian,  LAMDA and Farm.

Nestled within the secure grounds of Bredon School, the Junior School enables children from the age of 7 to 11 years old to develop confidence and thrive as individuals. 

Small class sizes, with no more than 12 pupils, offer a nurturing and supportive environment. Our curriculum is tailored to meet each child’s needs; our teaching staff are passionate about the academic development of every pupil and work with each child to strive towards ambitious targets. The structure of the school timetable allows for traditional academic subjects to be taught in the morning, with practical subjects and activities taking place in the afternoon. 

The School makes full use of dyslexia-specific programs such as Alpha to Omega and Nessy Learning, with additional investment for dyscalculia to include Addacus, supporting mathematics intervention. TRUGS is also utilised to aid reading and the School continues to invest in software to aid dyslexic pupils in the classroom. Every pupil has a Google Chromebook for use within lessons.