Junior School

Our Junior School provides a nurturing and inclusive environment to support pupils aged 8-11.

A dynamic curriculum allows pupils to develop a love of learning whilst building a strong foundation for their future education.

English and Mathematics are taught daily, with Science being taught twice a week. In lessons, dyslexia specialist teaching methods and tools are used to make learning fun and engaging for pupils. We understand that no two pupils are the same, consequently, small class sizes enable teachers to work closely with pupils and meet their individual needs. Pupils are also encouraged, with the support of teachers, to understand and utilise the many learning tools that are available, allowing them the opportunity to diversify and attain new skills. Ultimately this leads to more resilient learners and an increased level of confidence.

When pupils enter Year 6, Mrs Sue Dickson, Head of Junior School, and her team ensure preparation for the move to Senior School is seamless. With nearly 100% of our pupils joining our Senior school, this gives pupils the best start possible on the next stage of their education. 

Alongside a specialised curriculum, where every opportunity is taken to learn outside the classroom, the Junior School experience includes strong pastoral care to ensure pupils are happy, secure and reaching their full potential. Junior School staff offer continuous support for pupils throughout the day, providing a safe space wherever needed. 

On a weekly basis, pupils are involved in many activities outdoors, including Forest School, Farm, Outdoor Education and support to complete their Junior Duke of Edinburgh. These sessions offer pupils the opportunity to try something new such as reflecting around a campfire in Forest School or taking time to interact with the animals on our farm. A wonderful way to boost confidence, social skills and self-esteem. 

Nestled within the secure grounds of Bredon School, the Junior School offers a safe and inspiring environment for pupils to form a love of learning and develop important life skills to prepare them for their future.

To find out more, please visit our Admission page or contact us at admissions@bredonschool.co.uk,  We don’t just teach the Dyslexic mind we really understand it.