Pastoral support is a focus across the Bredon School and this is no different in the Junior School.

Our small average class sizes of 12 pupils, allow each child’s individual care to be at the paramount of our thoughts. Our tutor structure and additional tutor sessions allow for any worries to be addressed and give the opportunity for an understanding of each child to be built. Weekly team meetings are held to discuss any child who we feel is in need of extra pastoral support. This offering is further bolstered by our SALT and Occupational Therapy teams, who are on-site and happy to give intervention and support where additional expertise is needed.

The Junior School also benefits from the wonderful support of the Health and Well-being Centre, which includes both a School Nurse and a Mental Health Nurse. The children are fully involved in the School House system which allows mentoring from older students in school and additional care from our experienced House staff.

On a weekly basis, pupils are involved in up to four hours of activities. Activities include Forest School, Farm sessions and Outdoor Education. These sessions offer the children the chance to relax from the stress of academia and offer an opportunity for tutors and staff to talk to children in a more relaxed setting. The Forest gives an opportunity for reflecting around a campfire. On the farm, the children have the animals or the staff for days when they may feel vulnerable or unsure.