Aiming to provide a happy family atmosphere, Bredon School welcomes boarders from the age of 9 years old. Over 40 % of Bredon pupils board so the boarding environment is always busy and vibrant.

The boarding at Bredon is rather unique. Boarding staff are a purely pastoral team and not actively involved in the day-to-day teaching of lessons, separating a busy day in the classroom from ‘home’. That said, the boarding team have strong links with all academic staff to ensure seamless support. Boarding staff are highly experienced in supporting pupils with dyslexia, able to help with coursework and prep, and monitor academic progress. 

Creating an atmosphere of tolerance, openness and trust in which bullying has no part, rules and routines are clearly explained and understood securing a framework for all to thrive. Through the active promotion of fundamental British values and by providing positive role models, we support each pupil’s development to ensure they become rounded, caring individuals.

Our boarding provision enables pupils to live at school throughout the week and over weekends, although we do also offer flexi-boarding. All pupils go home for a long weekend, known an ‘Exeat’ twice a term, for half term holidays and of course over Christmas, Easter and Summer. For all Exeats and holidays, Bredon School offers a comprehensive transport service which includes to and from major airports and train stations.