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We have nine bus routes:

Route 1 – Bidford
Route 2 – Cheltenham
Route 3 – M5 Junction 13
Route 4 – Worcester / Malvern
Route 5 – Toddington and Stanton
Route 6 – M42
Route 7 – M5 North
Route 8 – Ross / Trumpet / Ledbury
Route 9 – Cirencester

Bredon School transport routes and costs for 2018-19.

Please note: These routes may be subject to change or cessation based on demand.

We are currently looking into running a London bus service with a pick up/drop off point in the West London area. The service would run for a Monday morning pick up and a Friday afternoon drop off. We are currently assessing all options and looking at levels of interest for this type of service. The fee for the service is to be determined but is designed to be at a lesser cost than other transport options.


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