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Boarding Life

Children are welcome to board at Bredon from the age of 9 years old.

We offer a full boarding arrangement, which includes weekends, or we offer flexi boarding which is booked in advance and charged per night. We also offer day boarding, which enables our day students to stay at school until 7pm to complete their prep/join an activity and have supper. For costs, please see Fees.

Accommodation is provided in both historic Pull Court and in specially-designed boarding houses.

We aim to provide a happy family atmosphere for our boarders, where everyone feels safe and can relax or study in a homely atmosphere. Over 40% of our students board with us in some capacity so the boarding environment is both busy and vibrant.

Mr Kelvin Summers leads a team of dedicated houseparents who take primary responsibility for the boarders assigned to them.

“I like boarding because you get to spend time with your friends and the house parents are kind and fun.”


The houseparents are supported by many other staff, including the Resident Matron, and are responsible for the children’s care and welfare.

All boarding areas are well staffed and equipped with a games room, reading room, TV and video lounge, a kitchen and a tuck shop. Pupils are encouraged to display personal items, such as photographs and posters. Senior pupils are allocated their own individual work stations.

After school and weekend activities

Staff organise a wide range of after-school activities, including cookery, art and craft and sport.

At the end of the school day, boarders go up to their rooms to change. From 5pm to 6pm, they will do prep/ organised activities with dinner being served between 6pm and 6.45pm.

A further hour of prep/activity follows before ‘downtime’ and lights out.

Currently boarders and day pupils are able to enjoy these after school activities in the week;
Mondays – Scooter club, Sports, Dance, Hairdressing and Animal Care.
Tuesdays – Archery, Running, Horse riding, Art and Metal work.
Wednesdays – Cooking, Computer club, Badminton, Gymnastics, Reading and Rugby for boys and girls.
Thursdays – Darts, Table tennis, Charity club, Film club, Basketball, Cooking and Warhammer.

At weekends, there are no formal school lessons, so an extensive recreational programme is provided featuring activities such as ice skating, bowling and shopping, as well as educational or cultural visits to local historical monuments or towns, as well as sports and fitness activities such as football, archery and hill walking.

The activities are varied, appealing to both boys and girls, but with special girls-only or boys-only events also arranged from time to time, such as the girls-only spa and pamper party!

All activities are carefully planned, a term in advance, with input from the children to ensure they are popular. Day pupils and flexi boarders are all welcome to join in the fun too!

Further reading:

Statement of Boarding Principles & Practice (PDF)

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