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The school farm is one of Bredon’s greatest – and most unique – assets. Children gain practical countryside skills and a knowledge of animal care.

Established soon after the school was founded, it is a full working farm set in 35 acres, with livestock including: Badger Face Welsh Mountain sheep, Scottish Black Face sheep, Welsh Mules, Large White pigs, Saddleback pigs, turkeys, hens, South Devon cattle, ponies, and geese.

"Bredon is ‘great for animal lovers - the school is set on a working farm"

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All pupils up to the end of Year 9 are able to spend timetabled lessons on the farm helping out with maintenance, planting and allotment duties, seasonal tasks, cleaning, as well as assisting with the feeding and welfare of the animals.

Outside of lesson times, volunteers and extra pairs of hands are always welcome!

But the farm is not only an invaluable resource in the general life of the school; it is also an excellent facility for more serious vocational studies.

From Year 10 onwards, pupils are able to choose to follow academic qualifications on the farm which can lead to careers in agriculture, animal care or further studies. At this stage, pupils study animal and crop husbandry, horticulture, livestock production and animal welfare, as well as workshop-based skills such as welding, and vehicle and machinery maintenance.

Pupils also have the opportunity to show animals at major agricultural shows, and the farm has a long record of success winning many prizes, as well as our pupils being awarded the honour of leading the banner parade in the prestigious Royal Three Counties Grand Parade.

"There’s lots of mucky outdoor fun in the 85 acre grounds: ‘the main uniform requirement is an overall and wellies"

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