Junior School

 (Years 4, 5 and 6)

Set in its own secure grounds adjacent to the Senior School, the Junior School benefits from all the facilities offered at senior level. The pupils have plenty of outdoor space to call their own and to develop their creative play - as well as tree climbing skills!

The Junior School offers a mainstream environment that allows all pupils to thrive. For those children with Specific Learning Difficulties there is specialist support, with highly qualified staff, trained to teach children with dyslexia.

Staff Members


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Mr Stafford

Junior School Coordinator

Teacher of Year 6
BDA Level 3

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Mrs Rogers

SLS Teaching Assistant

SpLD Level 5, DPP Level 3,

Forest School Level 3,

BDA Level 3

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Mrs Larner

SLS Teaching Assistant

HNC, SpLD Level 5,
Level 3 Diploma in Specialist for Teaching and Learning in Schools

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Mrs Dickson


Teacher of Year 4
Level 3 Forest School

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Mrs Reynolds


Teacher of Year 5 

Classes and Curriculum

Class sizes at Bredon are small and offer a nurturing and supportive environment in which our pupils can thrive and are understood. Class sizes will be typically 8 - 12 pupils and for English and Mathematics lessons the pupil:teacher ratio will become smaller still to 1:6.

Our curriculum is tailored to meet each child’s needs, allowing high achieving children to reach their age expected levels and beyond. It is also fully able to provide opportunities for children with gaps in their learning which will need to be filled before moving on to their next objectives. We are passionate about taking learning ‘outside of the classroom’ wherever possible and for this to be included in schemes of work.

In the Junior School, the core subjects are taught in the mornings when children are at their most alert - it also means they can look forward to the afternoon activities where they will rarely need a pencil!

Bredon Junior School assesses children in order to provide for their unique learning profile; not so that they can be pressured into achieving certain scores. Our pupils do not complete end of year exams or SATS testing as this has been shown to contribute to anxiety for some children in the past.

"Bredon is the school that lets the children be what they want to be."


What makes us exceptional

Unlike the majority of schools, Forest School is taught in Key Stage 2. Each child has two hours of Forest School every week in our four acre Forest School. These sessions help with social and team building skills as well as fine motor skills. They learn a range of practical skills, including weaving with hazel, building shelters, splitting wood, and under supervision, making campfires and climbing trees. Find out more about our Forest School.

Bredon also has a working School Farm and the Juniors make use of this amazing resource on a weekly basis, performing tasks such as feeding, cleaning, herding and harvesting. This provides an excellent release, necessary for children who have to work differently in order to process and understand situations. Find out more about our Farm School.


Additional support

All extra support lessons, referred to as SLS (Specialist Learning Support), are taught by staff who are qualified at SpLD Level 5 or above, and who are highly experienced in supporting children with various levels of needs and differing processing speeds and styles. SLS staff join children in lessons to ensure that the support outside the classroom coincides with that which is offered inside the classroom.

Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy are also available onsite and the teams work closely with Junior School staff to help address each child’s specific needs.

Software and learning support aids

The School uses dyslexia-specific programs such as Alpha to Omega and Nessy Learning. There has also been investment in programs for dyscalculia with the Addacus program being used to help with mathematics intervention. TRUGS is being utilised to assist with reading and the School continues to invest in software to aid dyslexic pupils in the classroom. Every pupil has a Google Chromebook for use within lessons and this has intuitive software as standard, such as Google Dictate.

School trips and learning away

All Junior School pupils in Key Stage 2 enjoy a three day residential trip, usually at an outdoor activity centre in Gloucestershire or in a neighbouring county. Activities are wide-ranging including raft building, climbing and visiting historic sites and are brilliant for beginning to develop teamwork skills and well as being lots of fun! Junior School pupils also take part in local shows and events such as the Spring Garden Show where they enter a School Garden each year.

Other facilities and benefits

Nestled closely to Senior School our Juniors make use of the modern and up to date facilities for Woodwork, Engineering, Science, Catering and Art and Design. In Year 6 these subjects become a more dominant part of our pupils’ curriculum. By the time our Year 6 pupils take part in our ‘Transition Day’ - a taster day of what lies ahead in Year 7 in the Lower School - pupils are already familiar with the classrooms and teachers and therefore moving up to the Senior School is as seamless as possible.

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