We are delighted to have won the Boarding Schools’ Association (BSA) Wellbeing Award 2019 for our work to enhance self-esteem and promote healthy choices for physical activity and diet. As a school with a specialism in educating pupils with dyslexia, our pupils may experience higher levels of anxiety and frustration than other children. This focuses our attention on helping our pupils to develop strategies to reduce anxiety, build resilience and improve their self-esteem.

Each programme is led by dedicated and trained specialists. Pupils are taught mindfulness, meditative exercises and relaxation techniques and follow courses developed by the Mindfulness in Schools Project.

Our pupils also benefit from other initiatives embedded into Bredon school life:

Mindfulness retreats

Bredon holds Mindfulness Retreats in Wales to teach learning techniques for mindful practice to help manage stress in daily lives. Activities include mindful walking, mindful drifting in a canoe, ‘bedatations’ to help with sleep and simply taking some time to focus on breath to feel calmer and more in control.

Bredon’s dog policy

Staff are encouraged to bring in their dogs to school and many of the boarding house parents have their own resident dogs.  Biscuit, Ronnie, Wilf, Barney, Sheeba, Darcy, Otto, Hamish, Holly, Buster, Toast and Saffy are very popular with the children and are seen as stress relievers and a positive addition to our school community.

Access to 84-acre ‘outdoor classroom’

Pupils make the most of our beautiful rural surroundings. Our vast estate offers a safe haven and chance for our pupils to unwind and enjoy the ‘great outdoors’, whether it’s spending time caring for the pigs, sheep and cows on our school farm, collecting eggs from the chickens, helping to cultivate vegetables in the allotments or learning to cook on the campfire in our forest school.