Founder’s Day celebration has added ‘Gold’ star appeal

Posted: 6th July 2017

Chairman of Cavendish Education, Aatif Hassan, opened the special day with a very warm welcome to everyone. He spoke with real passion about what Bredon offers its pupils through its genuine depth of curriculum and opportunities for all.

He highlighted specific achievements by pupils and told of the incredible resilience and respect demonstrated by Bredon pupils when facing sad losses.

Principal David Ward also spoke of the achievements in the preceding year and thanked the Reverend Chris Moss for the twenty one Bredon Founder’s Day services that he has opened and attended. The Rev. Moss was presented with a gift of thanks.

Outgoing Head Boy George Martin demonstrated his confidence at public speaking and his enterprising nature by the retelling of an amusing tale about the sale of chilli plants – which turned out not to be chilli plants! And outgoing Head Girl Milly Mackenzie spoke eloquently about her time at Bredon and how it had made her believe she could achieve and ‘fit in’.

Milly also led the 600+ strong audience in a lovely rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ for her father who was seated in the front rows!

Two wonderful guest speakers were then introduced; TV presenter, naturalist and adventurer Steve Backshall and two-times Olympic gold medallist and three times World Champion rower, Helen Glover. They blew us away with their energy, enthusiasm and endless wonder at the world and the opportunities it can offer if you put your mind to it.

Steve urged pupils to always try and never regret failing; as he said ‘this is the best way to learn’. He recalled an experience where he was hanging on a cliff edge by his fingertips whilst watching an ‘as yet undiscovered’ species of ant-mimicking tiger beetle casually walk past him – did he lift his fingers and risk falling, or did he let it walk away? The answer is a closely guarded secret!

Steve then introduced Helen. She spoke of her childhood dream to be an Olympian and how she later managed to realise this ambition through hard work, dedication and belief. Helen spoke of relentless hours of practice and the sacrifices she made to become the best in her sport. She also brought along her two Olympic medals and received huge applause in recognition of her amazing achievements.

Following the prize giving, there were solo singing performances by Ivan Barritt and Harrison Morton Deaville and George Martin and Stef Evans rounded up proceeding with a beautiful rendition of Simon & Garfunkel’s ‘Sound of Silence’. Drinks and canapes were served on the lawns.

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