Bredon School Lockdown Thank You

Posted: 25th May 2020

In light of the UK’s National Thank A Teacher Day last week (20 May 2020), we thought this would be the perfect time to share some of the many wonderful comments we have received from our pupils’ families since the start of lockdown and remote learning.

Our approach to education has always been to put pupils first and we believe Bredon School continues to provide an outstanding education to our pupils across the globe.

Our teachers and staff have demonstrated extraordinary levels of commitment and flexibility, working closely with pupils and parents and developing innovative ways to teach and support our entire student body through our robust virtual learning environment.

We are always extremely proud of our different approach to teaching and learning at Bredon, but this has never been more important than in the current circumstances. Our pupils have adapted so well to our virtual learning offering and parents and guardians are doing an amazing job of supporting them with their studies.

If you would like to get in touch, to hear the difference Bredon could make to your child’s education, please contact our Admissions Team:

We hope you enjoy reading these comments from current parents, shared since the start of lockdown on Monday 23 March 2020:

“Please rest assured, you and all the teachers at Bredon are exceeding any, and all, expectations we had of this system and it will all be over soon. Behind you all the way."

"The love and dedication that you and all the teachers show is inspiring. I’ve wanted for so long to earwig in on [my daughter’s] lessons – one positive of Coronavirus. It’s also amazing to see how lovely and caring of each other (and independent) the pupils of Bredon are."

"Thanks for all your feedback, I appreciate that Bredon is doing way more than most schools!"

"I have to commend the Bredon School teachers and staff. My husband and I are both still working as we're key workers, so it's been really hard to support three children with homeschooling. We have been extremely impressed by how supportive all the teachers have been at Bredon, to try and make things work."

"Bredon staff are excellent in doing what they do with such short notice in keeping the students occupied. Keep up the brilliant work."

"Please extend our thanks to you all for working so hard in such a difficult time. I’m sure that you all have worries and fears for yours and your families health, so to be caring for our children too at this time is simply selfless."

"Hats off to all you teachers! This is so tough and I only have two children to support, not a class full! Massive thank you to everyone at Bredon. You are working so tirelessly hard for all the pupils. It really is appreciated."

"I am so happy to have received the note below, it makes me feel so proud of [my son]. The new regime (perhaps that is a harsh word) is working well for us – I decided I would give him independence; we set up a work area in his room (despite my reservations of computers in bedrooms but it's a new time of life rules!) and left him totally to it! This is with all the trust in Bredon and you to let me know if he was not ‘compliant’! What you have all done is brilliant compared to other tales from other parents/schools and made this homeschooling life a doddle! Thank you so much to all involved…. he is a different boy since joining Bredon in such a good way: more chatty, confident and willing, retrospection is a tricky thing but if only I had been told/known/understood and appreciated things, he should have been with you in Junior School.”

"Can I just say how extremely impressed I have been by the work set by all of [my son’s] teachers and also how confident he is accessing everything on Google Classroom? It’s a tough time but Bredon has been absolutely exemplary leading the way on this."

"Bredon School is doing a great job… and it is very reassuring to see all the personalised emails coming through – it makes a massive difference. The work is also well organised… please pass my thanks on to all the staff as I totally appreciate how demanding all this is on schools."

"The work provided by Bredon has been fabulous.”

"Can you please pass on my thanks to all the staff as [my son] is doing really well with all his online lessons and I appreciate the time from the staff."

"The mindfulness exercises … [were] a nice way to re-energise when spirits were beginning to flag mid afternoon while doing some of his academic lessons!"

"Thank you for this and for all the wonderful support that Bredon is providing. As a teacher mum too, I feel your pain!"

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