5 Benefits of a Prep School Education

Posted: 12th April 2021

Pondering the best time for your child to start their educational journey at Prep School? What are the benefits to an Independent education at Prep School age? With many seemingly “outstanding” state schools across the UK, why would you choose an independent prep school for your child? At Bredon School, we believe that there are many benefits to a prep school education which are reflected in our Junior School provision located at the heart of our extensive countryside campus but to discover our top five read on.

1. Small Class Sizes

There isn’t an independent school in the country that won’t tell you that small class sizes are a major benefit to sending your child to their school and there is a reason for that – it is a massive benefit. As “outstanding” state primary schools become increasingly oversubscribed classes are bursting at the seams, with thirty plus children per class a regular occurrence.

In the Junior School at Bredon pupils benefit from increased individual support from their teachers in class sizes of no more twelve pupils from Year 3 upwards. We believe that children who benefit from a high level of attention from an early age leads to swift, successful progression through the Junior School into Senior School and beyond.


2. State-of-the-Art Facilities

Set on extensive campuses independent schools offer pupils access to top facilities. School swimming pools, gymnasiums, technology suites and extensive libraries to name a few are all common place. Bredon School offers its pupils 84 acres of stunning countryside, encompassing a BMX track, access to the River Seven, a clay pigeon shooting range and fully equipped forest school. Learning within such an environment from a young age inculcates a child’s passion and excitement for the world around them which will boost the start to their educational journey. 


3. Outstanding Academic Provision

A fee-based education offers parents reassurance that their child will receive the highest quality education from highly trained, experienced teaching staff. Alongside an outstanding academic provision within the classroom your child will develop good social skills and establish long term, deep friendships with their peers that often last a lifetime. Your children will meet like-minded individuals and have access to opportunities that arise from having an extensive network as they get older and consider career opportunities. 


4. Broad Curriculum

A broad curriculum which extends beyond the constraints of the national curriculum offers pupils so much more. On the School Farm pupils at Bredon learn how to work together in teams, use mathematics to measure and weigh feed, develop key skills such as empathy and determination through caring for the animals and completing various tasks. A welcome change of scenery, shy and quiet pupils come alive developing new levels of confidence purely by being able to access their practical side.

Whilst many schools, both state and independent have embraced the concept of Forest School, the experience can vary greatly depending upon the space available and time allocated. Forest School is firmly part of the curriculum at Bredon School where every child spends a minimum of two hours per week. Our dedicated four-acre woodland provides an environment for sessions helping children to develop social and team building skills as well as fine motor skills. Pupils learn a range of practical skills, including weaving with hazel, building shelters, splitting wood, and under supervision, making campfires and climbing trees. 


5. Option for Boarding Experience

Many independent schools benefit from a boarding provision. Children can experience the benefits of boarding without committing to full time boarding from an early age. Weekly boarding is a good fit for many children who are able to board during the week and go home at weekends – the best of both worlds.


We know that choosing the right school for your child is an important decision. If you are considering Bredon School and would like to talk further, please  feel free to contact our friendly Admissions team by calling +44 (0)1684 293156 or by emailing admissions@bredonschool.co.uk.

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