Meet the Head Boy and Head Girl 2021-22

Posted: 10th October 2021

We caught up with Mitchell and Eloise, Head Boy and Head Girl at Bredon School for this academic year, to find out more about them and to learn more about what they want to achieve in their senior pupil leadership roles.

Which subjects are you studying?

Eloise: Agriculture, Sport & Outdoor Education and Uniformed Services

Mitchell: History, Politics & Government and Art & Design

What are you going to bring to your new role as Head Boy / Head Girl?

Mitchell: I have been at Bredon since Year 6 and so I know how important it is to be a supportive and nurturing figure to the lower years. I want to look after all pupils here and I aim to go the extra mile to ensure they are happy; I like to see myself as a ‘big brother’ figure in my role.

Eloise: My sister (and many other family members!) studied at Bredon and she eventually became Head Girl so this is always something I have aspired to.  I think I can show our pupils that everyone can make positive progress here and learn from any mistakes they make along the way. I really enjoy helping our pupils from all years and feel honoured to represent such a brilliant school. 

What advice would you give to pupils joining Bredon?

Eloise: No matter what background you’re from you will always be welcome here. Bredon makes you realise you can do things and you can achieve anything you want. Any challenges you may have you will be able to overcome and I firmly believe that Bredon provides opportunities for everyone.

Mitchell: Grab every opportunity Bredon gives you with both hands. Don’t let any struggles or challenges you may face define who you are and let them hold you back academically. Let Bredon help you. If someone who worries as much as I do, can become Head Boy, then you can totally do it too.

Tell us one of your favourite memories of Bredon? 

Mitchell: When I was in Year 8 I vividly remember speaking to the Head Boy at that time, who told me that I should try to become Head Boy when the time came. I had never before considered this as an option for me and I laughed. His response to this was to tell me “You’ve got leadership qualities”; it was this belief in me and the look he gave me, that gave me the confidence to believe in myself and develop a confidence I had never had before. This encounter made me apply myself, made me put my hand up more in class and it made me hold my head high. 

Eloise: I attended the Three Counties Show on behalf of Bredon School a few years ago and won Reserve Champion for the whole of the pig section with my pig, Apple. I was also awarded Reserve Champion for the whole of the Large White section. This event boosted my confidence so much!

What do you enjoy most at Bredon? 

Eloise: The amount of outdoor education opportunities on offer here. I come from a farming background so being here makes me feel like home. I also love the sense of community, it is like no other place I know.

Mitchell: Definitely the sense of community. The small class sizes here allow us to get to know each other really well and also enables us to have stronger bonds with teachers; they are so supportive.

Describe Bredon in three words:

Mitchell: Diverse. Openness. Companionship

Eloise: Unique. Welcoming. Creative


We are looking forward to seeing their positive contributions to school life in the months ahead.

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