Be Bredon Be UBIQUE!

Posted: 8th February 2022

We recently received some fantastic news from Tewkesbury Town Hall, after being highlighted as one of the most well turned out units on the Rememberance Parade in November last year. On Sunday 26th June 2022 in Tewkesbury, we have been invited to commemorate both the centenary of the opening of the Cross and the Royal British Legion and celebrate Armed Forces Day. In preparation for this, the cadets and NCOs have been practicing their foot drill with some even participating at home and in boarding. We have seen an increase in Cadets and NCOs taking additional pride in their uniform. We have noticed a positive change in everyone being supportive of each other and also in being committed to completing set tasks.

To assist with the development of our senior Cadets and NCOs, we currently have fourteen pupils on a MOI (Method of Instruction) and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) course, which is being conducted over a ten week period. Throughout the course the Cadets and NCOs will be marked on their turnout and deportment, self-discipline and general attitude, as well as being measured against the Cadet Core Values and Standards which can be found below.

Respect for others
Selfless Commitment

Apply and demonstrate positive behaviour
Be professional at all times
Be lawful

In summary, the MOI and STEM course covers:

Communication Skills
Planning and Problem solving
Self-Confidence and confidence in a team
Delegation and Empowerment
Ability to make tough decisions
Compassion and tolerance
Desire to serve a purpose greater than oneself
Principles and techniques of good instruction
Different ways of teaching and learning
Aids to instruction
How to be a positive role model and why this is important
As well as the Cadet Core Values and Standards, there is also a code that leaders should follow. The Army Leadership Code consists of seven leadership behaviours as outlined below:

  • Lead by example
  • Encourage thinking
  • Apply reward and discipline
  • Demand high performance
  • Encourage confidence in the team
  • Recognise individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Strive for team goals

Following this code will help the Cadets and NCOs to develop positively as leaders. Throughout the course they will be supported and challenged to make the right decisions and choices every time and doing so should help them to be a member of an outstanding team that will succeed whenever, wherever.

The remaining Cadets and NCOs have been conducting Basic First Aid training which we feel here at Bredon is an essential life skill. On the 18th February 2022 the Cadets and NCOs will be put through their paces and be involved in a ‘Casualty Simulation’, tackling various situations such as treating burns, open wounds, unconscious casualties, cardiac arrests and more.

In addition to the aforementioned training, Militia Troop (Year 9) have been conducting some basic field exercise training and learning about how to move in the field appropriately, hand signals, section formations and section battle drills (what to do whilst in a fire fight and how to advance). All of these drills help the Cadets to improve their communication skills whilst learning and appreciating the need to communicate effectively. These lessons have been taught by our Cadet NCOs whilst under the supervision of staff. Allowing our pupils to lead sessions such as these facilitates empowerment and develops respect for others.

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